Full Length Ceremony Ensembles

Classical Duo (Violin and Piano) Classical Trio (Violin, Cello and Piano) String Quartet (2 Violins, Viola and Cello) Classical Vocalist (Accompanied by Violin and Piano) Classical Horn (Accompanied by Violin and Piano) Solo Harpist/Organist/Pianist

Any of the above can handle all of the sections of the wedding ceremony that need to be covered. Those details listed below.

Sections of the Wedding Ceremony

Prelude - Music begins as your guests enter the ceremony area prior to the start of the actual service. Processional - 1 Song for the Bridal Party, 1 Song for the Bride. Service - This includes music during the lighting of the unity candle, presentation of flowers, concert pieces and any additional music during the body of the ceremony service. Recessional - As you are pronounced man and wife and leave the ceremony. Postlude - The musicians will continue to play until all your guests have left the ceremony area.

Now that you've finished the ceremony, let's go onto your reception.