Your Wedding Reception is divided into 3 main sections: Cocktails, Dinner and Dancing.


The purpose of cocktails is to change the mood from the formal ceremony to a much more relaxing atmosphere.

Recommend Ensembles:

Jazz Trio (Piano, Bass and Sax)
Jazz Duo (Piano, Bass or Guitar)
Soloist(Harpists, Guitar)
Relaxing and sophisticated jazz for quiet background music during cocktails.

Sample Songs:
 Fly Me to the Moon, When I Fall in Love, Beautiful Love, I love you, My Romance


The purpose of Dinner is to perform the standard wedding traditions as well as the meal itself. This has the option to include dancing.

Dinner includes these standard wedding traditions: Introduction of the Bridal Party Toasts Blessing over the Meal Cake Cutting First Dance (Dancing between courses only) Father/Daughter Dance (Dancing between courses only) Mother/Son Dance (Dancing between courses only) 

Recommend Ensembles:

 Jazz Trio (Piano, Bass and Sax)

5-12 Piece Wedding Band (Dancing between courses only)

There are two different schedule options for dinner. Dancing Between Courses Midwest Style 

Dancing Between Courses: Your  Wedding Bandstarts at the beginning of dinner. First dance, father/daughter, mother/son dances are done as soon as you are introduced. Guests are invited to dance between salads and your main course. This is a huge advantage to you wedding.

Midwest Style: All Dancing would start after the meal is completed.
Music during entire meal would be purely background.


The purpose is to get as many of your guests as possible dancing at the same time throughout the night. We do this by selecting next song based on what's actually happening on your dance floor.

Recommend Entertainment:

 Bobby Schiff Orchestra (5- 12 piece)
Repertoire: The Best of Motown, Disco, Swing, Pop, Latin, Ethnic, Oldies.

Impulse Band (5 - 9 piece)

Funk Du Jour

DJ Mark Riva

All groups welcome special requests. We will schedule a meeting with you and ensemble you choose to discuss all details, including special song requests.